At Civotech Associates, we integrate research and technological developments to tap on emerging concepts in both built and natural environments and to ensure cost reduction and overall long-term benefits for the stakeholders. We conduct techno-economic assessments; evaluate nano- and bio-technologies; test novel materials; investigate public health and safety issues, subsurface drainage systems, contaminant transport and computer modelling of natural phenomena- landslides and slope instabilities.  This helps us understand key social, economic and ecological drivers, mainly to support our sustainability goals.

We comprises of result oriented professionals with varied experiences in research, civil and structural engineering, water and wastewater management, solid waste management studies, transportation and pavement engineering, environmental studies (Environmental Impact Assessment and Audits). With a combination of technical competence and sound management skills, we provide an efficient, flexible and innovative service, specifically matched to our client’s requirements.

Our practice is professional and innovative

  • We undertake sustainability to mean ‘allocation of resources for our needs today without compromising the ability of our children to meet their own needs’. Our approach for any professional undertaking is based on social, economic and environmental sustainability.
  • We operate industry recognised analysis and design software packages like eagle point, Prokon, ArchiCad and AutoCAD drafting facilities, Simapro for life cycle assessments, Stella of dynamic modelling and SPSS for statistical studies.
  • We associate with other professionals, as a principle, to provide services best suited to the requirements of our clients.