Our Practice


At Civotech Associates, we believe that our future is tied to our current socio-economic activities.  We, therefore, make deliberate efforts to integrate environmental, economic and social sustainability to all our professional undertakings.  We achieve this by bringing together the expertise of our associates to create and evaluate project options based on performance indicators identified by key stakeholders and in the most economical and environmentally friendly manner.

Structures & Buildings

Our multidisciplinary approach to structural and building design gives us a clear understanding of the key issues of aesthetics, functionality, cost and project management. Our core building teams include architects, structural, mechanical and electrical engineers, specialists in acoustics, geotechnics, seismic design, renewable energy and waste management. We understand problems associated with soft soil foundations, unstable and sloping sites as well as uncertainties associated with rainfall or earthquake induced landslides.

Environmental Engineering

Due diligence in professional services demands a balance between social and economic activities with environmental management. To ensure this, we undertake life cycle studies to facilitate our understanding of social, economic and environmental impact assessments associated with resource extraction and development, construction and operation activities. Our international exposure and experiences also give us an edge in environmental engineering: waste recycling and reuse; waste management; environmental clean-up and remediation; river monitoring and restoration; biomass management; public health engineering.


By 2030, about 60% of world’s population will live in the urban areas. This translates to demand for infrastructures that support security, public health, efficient transportation systems, business opportunities, as well as social interactions. Through collaboration with various experts, we specialize in key municipal infrastructure. Our capabilities include: transport planning, urban and rural roads design and supervision, water and storm water management. We operate specialized software for roads, water supply, stormwater and groundwater engineering to meet our professional obligations.