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Water Resources and Environmental Engineering (Water Supply, Sanitation and Pollution Prevention and Control)

We carry out the following:

  • River basin modelling and dam engineering
  • Rural and urban water supply systems
  • Solid waste management – development of strategies for waste minimisation, recycling, landfilling
  • Onsite and centralised waste management systems
  • Site reconnaissance and data collection;
  • Topographical surveys using traditional methods, electronic total stations and aerial mapping;
  • Demographic studies;
  • Feasibility Studies including computation of Economic parameters like Net Present Values, Economic Rate of Return etc
  • Condition surveys, both visual and Structural and data analysis of existing water supply and sewerage projects;
  • Materials exploration and testing including drilling for water sources;
  • Design for new and rehabilitated projects;
  • Hydrological and hydraulic modelling and analysis and structural design of hydraulic structures;
  • Design of rehabilitation and strengthening works for existing structures;
  • Environmental Impact Assessment –EIA, particularly regarding environmental pollution and public health safety;
  • Preparation of all necessary reports including Inception Reports, Preliminary and Final Design Reports, EIA Reports and Environmental Mitigation Plans;
  • Preparation of Design drawings;
  • Determination of land acquisition requirements and preparation of Land Acquisition drawings;
  • Preparation of Tender Documents including drawings;
  • Preparation of Engineer’s Cost Estimates;
  • Liaison with Client and other necessary Government Departments.