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Transportation Infrastructure Projects

  • Site reconnaissance;
  • Historical data collection including traffic data, As-built drawings, design documents, materials reports, etc.;
  • Topographical surveys using traditional methods, electronic total stations and aerial mapping;
  • Traffic surveys, Origin-Destination studies and analysis of data;
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Axle load surveys and Data analysis;
  • Pavement condition surveys, both visual and Structural and data analysis;
  • Existing pavement trial pitting and trenching;
  • Detailed inspection reports of existing major structures;
  • Materials exploration and testing including drilling for hard stone quarries and bridge foundations;
  • Drainage inventory, study and analysis including for major structures;
  • Inventory of Junctions, accesses, laybys and road furniture;
  • Geometric and Pavement design for new paved and unpaved roads;
  • Geometric and Pavement design for rehabilitation of paved and unpaved roads, runways and taxiways;
  • Design of drainage works including pipe culverts, drain outfalls, side drains, lined and piped drains and subsoil drains;
  • Hydrological and hydraulic analysis and structural design of Bridges and box culverts;
  • Design of rehabilitation and strengthening works for major structures;
  • Design of Junctions, Laybys and road furniture;
  • Environmental Impact Assessment –EIA;

Preparation of Design drawings;