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Construction Supervision and Project Management

We do the following in Construction Supervision and Project Management:

  • Project reconnaissance and checking general compliance of contract documents with scope and nature of works;
  • Checking and approving Contractor’s Programme of Works;
  • Making design changes necessary to suit actual site conditions;
  • Checking compliance by the contractor of requirements of Specifications and Conditions of Contract;
  • Ensuring proper exploitation and utilisation of material sites, including restoration works;
  • Testing of the Works and materials for compliance with specifications;
  • Ensuring timely and thorough taking of measurements;
  • Making sure passage of traffic measures are implemented;
  • Convening of site and management meetings and preparation of minutes of such meetings;
  • Checking and approving Contractor’s Certificates of Payment;
  • Issuing necessary Site Instructions to the contractor;
  • Cost Control of Projects;
  • Keeping of all site records including survey data, works test results, weather, measurements, inspector’s daily reports, Contractor’s plant and labour, correspondence, minutes, etc.;
  • Preparing variation orders;
  • Gathering relevant data and Computing Variation of Price when allowed in contracts;
  • Vetting and approval of subcontracting for any works;
  • Ensuring that Environmental damage mitigation measures are implemented;
  • Analysis of Contractors financial claims and making recommendations;
  • Analysis of Contractor’s time extension applications and making recommendations;
  • Preparation of monthly progress reports and any other reports requested by the Employer;
  • Inspecting the Works during the Defects Liability Period and supervising defects repairs;
  • Preparation of Final Account for the works;